Why It Matters

In the Digital Age that is called today, a business or a professional must have an online presense for the world to see. A website proves as the first source of information and details about a business and as such becomes a chance to inflict your first impression on your prospective customers. This makes it imperative that you must have a website that reflects your brand identity and provides features useful to you - the owner - and the customer.

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Our Approach

How we go about web development? Hint: Involves Coffee! Lots!


The first step is to analyze what the requirements are, what the users will need and what kind of amenities should be available to the admins to make their life easier as well with respect to content updation and future upgrades. We create detailed flow charts to plan out how the website would function.


Once the initial analysis is complete, we move on to designing. In this phase several PhotoShop and HTML designs are created and recreated until we and the client are satisfied. The goal of the design is to provide a soothing appearance and experience for the user while being clutter free and easy to navigate. For more about our design process, jump over to Web Design


And then comes the Development. After the finalization of the design, we code the website in the language that's appropriate for the situation and client's needs. We have vast experience with HTML and PHP technologies along with MySQL.

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What We Do

Static Websites

Static Websites and Landing Pages are two of our favorite things to do. Creating HTML only pages gives us the flexibility to let our imagination run loose and not worrry if this is gonna work well with the backend or that is gonna clash with thirt party apps. These sites are also extremely light and Google loves them too due to easy readability.

Dynamic Website

When the going get's rough, get a Land Rover Dynamic Website. These web applications can be anything that you may desire and is not currently on the market as a simple software. From simple CMS (Content Management System) to the most complex CRMS (Customer Resource Management System), dynamic sites cover 'em all and we do 'em all.

Booking/Reservation Systems

A Booking System requires a live Inventory Management System (IMS) and can be used for anything from booking an appointment with the doctor to booking a resort for your wedding. We use PHP and MySQL combo to create site that deliver high performance and accurate results to every customer every time. Related to this is an eCommerce store. We talk a lot more about it on it's own page about eCommerce Development.

Third Party Integrations

Sometimes you don't need a complete overhaul of your website but adding a few features can really help with the functionality or the aesthectics of the website. From Payment Gateway to Logistics Systems to GPS Tracking, we do all kinds of integrations on all kinds of websites.

  • Cross Fit Life Performance

    • What We Did:
    • Design Enhancements
    • Recurring Payment Module
    • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Ali Colors

    • What We Did:
    • Prestashop eCommerce Development
    • Customized Design
    • Data Porting from OpenCart
    • Custom Featurizations
  • Quantum Naturals

    • What We Did:
    • Contemporary Design
    • Easy To Use
    • CMS Backend
    • Payment Integration
    • Search Engine Optimization
  • Taprika

    • What We Did:
    • Responsive
    • Custom Magento Development
    • Bug/Errors Fixing
    • Search Engine Optimization
  • Exploitrip

    • What We Did:
    • Contemporary Design
    • Easy to Use CMS Backend
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Digital marketing


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