Why It Matters

Content is actually the backbone of any website or online business. If we are talking about digital marketing or Search engine marketing this should be your first task to complete. It gives a reason to your visitor to stay on your website, interact and make engagement. If you have an ecommerce business, services or be it any other business that you are promoting online, first thing is to get your content writing and marketing strategy in place.

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Our Approach

Bwd Media's approach to content writing and marketing has these three main steps: Keyword Research, Phrase Research and Authoritative writing.

Keyword Research

There are many ways people search content, say for example some might search “wedding photographer” or some might search “best wedding photographers in New York”. Content should be written the way users are searching for it.

Core Term & Phrase Research

Once we have the keyword, we further find more relevant topic or phrases related to it, for example if you provide ‘printing services’, keywords might also include 'digital printing', 'offset printing', 'screen printing', 'flex printing', 'business cards printing' and many more. Content need to be focussed on actual query or phrase which users are searching for.

Authoritative Writing

Instead of writing long stories, articles etc. with no point, we focus on writing simple and relevant content, based on keyword and phrase research. This helps in two thing answers the query which user did on search engine and send is it drives traffic to your website.

What We Do

Content Writing

Every business has a different audience, it requires different type and level of content to retain visitors on website. We specialise in writing relevant, authoritative and keyword rich content to accomplishes your company’s goals.

Content Marketing

It is very important to showcase your content at the right place. We help you distribute your content and reach right audience to increase engagement. We club our content marketing strategy with Digital Marketing solutions to get the best results. We also help up you analyse and measure results.

Brand Awareness

We can host a talk show, manage Facebook group, write a blog. Create brand awareness by writing and managing premium piece of content on your social platforms to influence audience.


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    • What We Did:
    • Responsive
    • Contemporary Design
    • Hotel Reservations System
    • Search Engine Optimization
  • Scott's Marketplace

    • What We Did:
    • Responsive
    • Contemporary Design
    • eCommerce Marketplace Portal
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Localized Marketing
  • Exploitrip

    • What We Did:
    • Contemporary Design
    • Easy to Use CMS Backend
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Digital marketing


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