AdWords Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Evaluate your campaign with AdWords features you didn’t know existed. 1. Find your competitors Now, it’s too easy to lift your business up by finding your competitors in AdWords new feature. With this feature, you can compare your performance with other advertisers ahead from you by checking their keyword level, ad level and campaign level. […]

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Top 7 best ways to get new customers
Group of Business People Holding Placards Forming Customer

To get more people in the door and keep them coming back, it’s important to encourage happy customers to speak up on behalf of your business. Customers are people, and what do people want? They want things that make their lives less difficult. Here are the top 7 best ways to get new customers: 1. […]

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Install an SSL certificate on CentOS
Website Security with SSL - HTTPS

Recently we switched over to HTTPS (secure channel) on our website and we had trouble finding support for our server which was CentOS 6 running Apache. This will be a short guide if you’re looking to get an ssl certificate for your website and want to know how to install it on your server. Best […]

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How to Integrate ccAvenue on an HTML Website
ccAvenue Integration

ccAvenue is one of the leading payment processors on the markets right now due to the security, reliability and support it provided when there weren’t many options in the market – especially in India. It therefore comes to me as a surprise that they do not have a useful guide or tutorial to help newcomers […]

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How to Start an eCommerce Business

This is part 1 of the 2 part series where I’ll explain every aspect for starting an eCommerce business online. Click here to jump to part 2 where I explain how to create an eCommerce Website. eCommerce or online business is the largest growing market in India. Infact a recent survey has revealed that 73% […]

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Add a Lightbox Gallery to WordPress Posts
Adding Colorbox to Wordpress

WordPress comes with built-in gallery functionality. Adding a gallery to a post or page involves performing a few simple steps: 1. Click the Add Media button 2. Click the Create Gallery link 3. Select your images by clicking on them 4. Enter at least the Title and Alt text into the appropriate textbox and click […]

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